Google’s Small Business Supplier Ireland Programme Launch

Last week Computerology headed down to Google’s Foundry building to check out the launch of their new Small Business Supplier Ireland programme to see what it was all about!

The event was organised by Google with a focus on engaging with small, diverse Irish businesses. Attended by over 100 people the programme launch had a positive community response and garnered much interest.

Starting off the presentation was Adrianna Samaniego, team lead for the American programme equivalent. She discussed how one of the big parts of Google’s mission is working to bridge the digital divide and take down barriers for minority groups on the internet and in the technology space. The Small Business Supplier programme works to help with this and bring in more diverse groups to Google’s supply chain and businesses.

With Google always looking for newer, bigger, and better things to raise the bar, it encourages employees to look for new and different suppliers who can provide fresh, innovative, and quality products across a wide range of areas.

Insider Tips on the Application Process

It was particularly insightful to hear Google’s perspective as to what they value in a business partnership and what they look for in determining which ones to explore further.

Also speaking was Fiona Jones, Administrative Business Partner, who stated that the top two things that make for a great product are top quality service and reliability. In Google’s self-described continual quest to promote a better world for the environment, their employees, and humanitarian efforts around the globe they emphasised how helpful it can be to showcase the story of your company and the efforts you are taking to align with Google’s goals.

Jones’s best piece of advice was saved for last: when asked how organisations can best apply for the supplier program, she simply replied, “Tell your story. Everybody wants a good story.”

The event wrapped up with a happy hour and appetiser area where some networking took place. The delicious snacks and small appetisers showcased Google’s reputation for tasty and yet healthy food!

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