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Welcome to our new intern, Karen Alison Monteiro

At Computerology we are very proud of our internship programme. We welcome students from all backgrounds, who have an interest in technology and related fields.

We’re delighted to welcome Karen Alison Monteiro to the team at Computerology.

Karen will be completing a three-month internship with us as part of our ongoing and in-demand internship programme.

Karen’s interest in technology was piqued as a child, when tinkering around with electronics, breaking and fixing them was a favourite hobby. She was always interested in how one node would connect with another in the most complicated spider web of information and was fascinated by communications technology and the fact that the whole globe is like a motherboard of networks.

After completing her Bachelor of Computer Science in Mumbai and studying for CCNA under NIIT institute, she started working for Jetking Infotrain Pvt. Ltd. as a hardware and networking technical trainer. There, she trained students on hardware troubleshooting and networking concepts; and also worked on marketing communications and business expansion. Two years into her work, she realised that she was also interested in the “business side of technology”, which is why she went on to pursue an MBA in Cloud Computing at Dublin Business School.

During her time with Computerology, she is looking forward to learning more about cloud technologies, customer support and business development, while also pursuing an AWS course on Udemy.

If you would like to enquire about participating in our internship programme, get in touch today. We offer three, six, and twelve month internships in Technical Support Engineering. We’d love to hear from you!

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