The Best Mobile Privacy and Security Apps.

An important question that all smartphone owners should ask themselves is: “How can I improve my phone’s privacy and security?”.

With the internet full of software viruses, and the growing sense that our every step is being monitored, it is important to take appropriate measures to ensure the security and privacy of your mobile phone.

Here are a few apps that can help you improve security and privacy on your mobile device:


Orbot – Orbot is the best way to browse privately. It is a free proxy that uses Tor to encrypt internet traffic, then re-routes it through computers around the world. Orbot is available for download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store


Find My Phone (only for android devices) – If you lose your android device, you can search ‘Find My Phone’ on any Google Browser.  You can then locate it, secure your account, and leave a call-back number on the screen for the person who locates it.

Watch this video about how to locate your android device:


Find My iPhone (only on Apple devices) – Similar to the android version, ‘Find my iPhone’ allows you to locate you lost or stolen phone. You enter your Apple iCloud details into the app and it then finds the location of your apple device.


Nord VPN – This is an app that keeps all your online activity private by encrypting the data coming in and out of the device and securing all internet traffic. The app re-routes and encrypts all internet traffic to make the connection private and secure.


Signal – The encrypted messaging and voice-calling app Signal is a sure-fire way to communicate safely. It provides end-to-end encryption to secure all communications and the app can also verify the identity of who people are messaging, as well as the integrity of the channels they are using


ESET Anti-Virus for Android Phones – ESET Mobile Security is a fast and powerful antivirus and anti-malware application protecting your Android smartphone or tablet. It offers customers protection from attacks, it enables customers to shop and bank online with 100% certainty that their information will be protected, and it also stops hackers from accessing their devices.


Kaspersky Security Cloud for IOS – This is the first adaptive security service that protects you round the clock based on the things you do. With patented Adaptive Security and a range of powerful privacy tools, it adapts to your lifestyle to protect you when you need it. The app sends you personalized alerts and advice the moment digital dangers put you at risk, it lets you browse privately in public by calling up invisible VPN and it gives you a digital safe-deposit box with unlimited space for your passwords. Check out the other advantages of Kaspersky Security from their website.



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